Google play concepting

With the folks at Addictive Pixel - BBH, I helped develop the new Google play visual identity. This was Google's then top secret challenge to Apple's iTunes store.

Working directly with BBH NYC's creative director Pelle Sjonell. We created a media (TV) channel 'feeling' identity, with a simple but dynamic visual system, one which represented / reflected all or specific media offerings (literature, movies, music and Android applications). Visually we wanted to keep things simple. Essentially stripping out the existing logotypes colours and dated looking effects, making the play 'icon' more of a focal point.

Google seemed pretty happy with all of this, New York's team then continued development. The final sub-brand still retains a good amount of what we created here, which is always nice! Props go to Boris Petkovic for helping with icon illustrations.

Art direction, Concepting | Produced at BBH - Addictive Pixel